Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Verify your Paypal Account Using Payoneer Account

Paypal is considered the best and safest payment gateway to send or receive payments. Most of the companies on the internet prefer to make transactions via Paypal.
However, Paypal service is not fully available is some countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan etc that deprived the freelancer there to take the advanctage of online earning.
In order to overcome this, my blog provide a step by step guide on how to get a paypal account verified in these countries using Payoneer’s US payment Service.
Below is the process of getting a verified paypal account.

  •  First of all, Signup for Payoneer MasterCard (Signing up from this link will entitle you to receive $25 bonus from Payoneer). 
  • Make a US Paypal Account.(chose United States as your Country).
  • Link your Payoneer’s Account with the US Paypal account to get it verified.
  • Link your Payoner Prepaid Debit Card (you will recive within 20-30 days through post) with your Paypal accountto remove any receiving and sending limits from Paypal account. (Not Mandatory)

Note: Also make sure not to access your Paypal account with any proxies, else Paypal will place limits on your account and your funds will be freezed forever.

Steps In Details.

1. First of all, Signup for Payoneer MasterCard (Signing up from this link will entitle you to receive $25 bonus from Payoneer). Make sure to enter correct details provide  your real name , address which should match your ID proof (government provided driving license or citizenship detail, or a Passport) Do not enter fake detail as you will be required to submit your Identity Proof Later.

Note: If your current location is different from the location mentioned in ur id proof and you want your mastercard to ship to your current location then check the shipping address and fill up your current address. If you have a Post Box No it will be easy to receive.

3) Navigate to US payment service page under Receive Payment Menu and signup for US payment service , there you have to answer some questionnaire which is fairly easy ( they might send you email even before you get your card  so please follow their instruction and answer their question) You can simply state in application that you want to withdraw your money from Paypal and Paypal isn’t supported in your country therefore US Payment service will be of great help for you , If they ask where do you earn money from simply tell them from or .)

4) Now you will receive an email telling you to upload a scanned copy of your driving or citizenship or passport , you can log in  to your payoneer account and upload your document. Now the process of registration of Payoneer account is complete and you will receive the Payoneer Debit Mastercard within 20-30 days .

2)  After you have received your MasterCard you need to login to your payoneer account and activate your card. ( But you don’t need to wait for your debit card to arrive to verify the paypal account.

2. Make a Paypal Account And Verify It

1. Dont not use your existing paypal account.signup for a new paypal account and select your country as USA and  use your own name and email ID as used in your payoneer account... But you should fake the address and phone no. of US ... you can visit Fake Name generator  to generate fake information.if you have relative in USA then you can keep their address and phone no.

  2.After completion of Signup go to your US paypal account and go to  add/edit bank under profile and setting under to do list in the right hand corner,click on add/edit bank account...·         Now login to Payoneer account and click on US Payment Service under Receive Money tab.·         Now scroll down Services – US Payment Service page, you will see Bank Routing Number and Account Number which you can see in this demo picture as well.    now go to your payoneer account and under receive money go to US payment profile and there you will see the routing no. and your account no. copy those and paste them in the respective field. 3. paypal will tell you to select instant approval by  logging in into online account or  next option where it is said that paypal will make  two small deposit to your account for will take 2-3days. Use the second option and give the routing no and your account no. 4.when paypal deposits that small payment to your payoneer account after 2-3days you will get email from payoneer that your account/card is loaded. go to your payoneer account and under "Account activity" view transection....there you will see  two small deposit made by paypal in your account...:)·         Now go to PayPal account again, and click on Conform Bank Account.·         

Now enter test amount which PayPal has sent on your account, finally click on “Submit”That’s all, now you verified Paypal account with Payoneer, now your Paypal is fully verified, enjoy now and feel easy to do online buying and selling.  If you have any question or any problem regarding verification, please drop you problem in comment, I will try to give you best solution of your problem   Things to know about payoneer payoneer charges about 30$ yearly for your mastercard and that amount will be deducted from your payoneer account once it is loaded with money